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Canadian Springs Water


  • We will not be available from Dec.30th,2020 to Jan.4th,2021.
  • Order will be closed on Dec.23rd.
  • Delivery will be closed on Dec.28th.

    We will be available from Jan.5th,2021.

Truly Pure

The finest bottled water that will surpass all of your expectations. Your satisfacton is guaranteed.


Gallon Bottles

18.5L Bottle
¥3,400 + TAX

11.3L Bottle
¥2,600  + TAX

Water Cooler (HOT & COLD)

Width 32cm / Depth 32cm / Height 97cm
Height with bottle
18.5L: 137cm / 11.3L: 126cm
100V 471W(Max) 4.71A
Material : Plastic

Rental ChargeMonthly PaymentAnnual Payment
*Pre-paid Discount Plan (Not Refundable)
1st year¥2,000 + TAX
¥19,200 + TAX
After 2nd year¥1,500 + TAX¥12,000 + TAX

Rental charge includes all maintenance and cleaning charges. Even if repair or parts exchange is needed, you do not have to pay for it at all.
We do cleaning up a water cooler from 1 year (12 months) to 1 year and half (18months).


Logo / large – 266ml.Cup
¥425 + tax
for HOT and COLD

White – 148ml.Cup
¥500 + tax
for HOT and COLD


Genuine taste of good water PREMIUM can be experienced. 
Without using heat sterilization, we run the water through a filtration. 
R.O. and ozonation for bottling. 
The R.O. is the most updated method of water purification. 
It involves the separation of water molecules from impurities leaving superior drinking water. 
The PREMIUM WATER is 99.999% pure – as pure as it gets and high in oxygen for great taste for drinking and cooking.

Delivery Service

We deliver 18.5L bottled water to your home or office. 
At the time of delivery, we will pick up your empty bottles, and our staff will periodically check and clean your Water Cooler.

Delivery Service Area

Canadian Springs Japan – info@canadian-springs.co.jp 

  • Tokyo- 23wards, Musashino-shi, Mitaka-shi, Chofu-shi, Komae-shi, Kokubunji-shi, Fuchu-shi, Kunitachi-shi, Tachikawa-shi.
  • Kanagawa (Delivery on Tuesdays) – Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi.
  • Chiba (Delivery on Wednesdays) : Chiba-shi, Urayasu-shi


  • The copy of ID (driver’s license, foreign resident registration, resident’s card, and passport, etc.) that can confirm the installation address of the water cooler is needed when contracting, and applying by an individual name. 
  • At less than one year’s cancellation, the client has to pay ¥10,000 + TAX as for a watercooler overhaul cleaning charge. 
  • One time delivery to be made at least 3 bottles or more. 
  • Delivery order to be made at least 3 days before.

Payment Terms

  • Cash on delivery 
  • Automatic Bank Transfer : Each month close on the 10th and to be withdrawn automatically from your account on 13th of the following month. 

※In case of paying amount is less than ¥30,000, the transfer charge is payers account.

Application & Contact


1・2F Chateau Espoir. 3-44-12 Chuo Nakano-ku Tokyo 164-0011
TEL 03-5342-2880
FAX 03-5342-2881
e-mail info@canadian-springs.co.jp

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